'Ten Yad' -Lend a Hand


Order a Tribute Card and help a needy family

Several years ago, we noted that some of our supporters expressed a desire to dedicate a portion of their charity donations towards practical help for the needy.  Since we receive many requests for assistance from Israeli immigrants, we decided to connect our supporters with needy families by establishing a charity fund, called the "Ten Yad Foundation". This charity is completely dependant on contributions from the community, and funds are distributed as we receive them.

We have helped families who are temporarily unemployed, have suffering financial burdens due to health problems or are unable to meet exceptional therapeutic expenses for children with disabilities.

We have also provided food coupons and packages, funds for emergency medical treatments, assistance with school or day-camp fees, interest-free loans and rent subsidies.

With donations of $18 or more to Ten Yad, we will send a decorative Tribute Card to the recipient of your choice to commemorate any occasion. The cards can be sent for: Bar Mitzvas, Holiday Greetings, Birthdays, Graduations, Get Well messages, Condolences, Mazal Tovs, etc. 

Please support our work in this important area, helping families receive the temporary assistance they need, in absolute confidentiality. 

Donations can be made by cheque or credit card to:
The Beth Chabad Israeli Community Centre
7770 Bathurst St Thornhill, ON L4J0H6
Phone: 905-709-7770
Fax: 905-709-7917

Or by using our secure online donation form.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for supporting our community!